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At a previous jobI was asked to provide a bio that could be given to clients. It didn’t need to be long, but give a brief description of who you are.

Since my tendency is to be a fun, silly guy I decided to first give a bio that suited my personality before one that suited my actual job description.

Tadd Mencer – Fire Lord
Born from the molten lava of a live volcano. His heart beats to the drums of a thousand eager warriors. In the thunder is his voice, commanding his legions. Beware the might of his great arms that lash out like lightning. His army will swarm over his enemies like a mighty flood. He also makes websites for a living.

Naturally, that wasn’t used. A much more professional and business-like text was sent. However, it was fun to just cut loose.

So what is the real version? Who is Tadd Mencer, really?

I’m a creative developer who has worn many hats in his professional career. If I was to list them out .. well, let’s list some out in no particular order!

The list could go on to be more nitty-gritty, but you get the point. I wear hats, many hats. I’m what people call a generalist, or “jack of all trades”. I can do many things, which has in the past made me valuable to many companies. I can relate to many departments, which has enabled me to manage large teams from creative to technical and understand where they all stand.

I’m a father of three awesome boys, and married to a fantastically, wonderful woman since April 22, 2000. I am a member of Rush Creek Bible Church. Some may say that I’m gaming fanatic. Most would say I’m an all around nerdy guy. I’m an introvert, but you get me one-on-one … whoa Nelly hold on to your biscuit basket! We got a bona fide conversation!

I am Tadd.