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Writtings, dreams, and other muses.
Tadd Mencer - Digital Marketing | Creative Writing | Web Design

I admit it – I play Dungeons and Dragons

We sat in the dining room as my sister's then boyfriend described the cavern we entered. As we traversed through the dark, dank tunnel we found a well. One of our party members, a human fighter,  looking within sees shiny trinkets near the bottom. Without thinking, he...

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Will the Real Slim Tadd Please Stand Up?

I'm a fraud. I don't mean that in an illegal term. I've not been involved in any criminal actions. I'm not lying to the world. I am Tadd. That's no lie. And it's not a “You don’t know the real me” kind of thing. Anyone who’s met me in person...

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We are the USA

The dust is starting to settle from what people seem to agree is one of the most emotional and controversial elections to date. We look at our new president, Donald Trump. People automatically worry that we'll be at war by the end of the week. Others have started...

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Swords are Forged in the Hottest Fires

The blacksmith takes care when choosing his iron. He looks at each bar to determine which would be best. They all hold wonderful possibilities! At last, he settles for one ingot in the back, ready for molding. He stokes the fire and places the metal deep within the...

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