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Tadd Mencer - Digital Marketing | Creative Writing | Web Design

My name is Tadd.

For over ten years, I’ve worn many hats. I have been a web designer, front-end web developer, marketing manager, project manager, print designer, mobile game designer, marketing coordinator, systems administrator, and more. I’ve had the honor to lead full teams of talent to increase sales, web traffic, and brand reach.

I have also stepped outside the norm and into new media endeavors. Whether it is designing websites, front end development, learning how to code iOS games, graphic design for print, 3D graphics, fiction books, or blogging. I’ve enjoyed creating games, 3D graphics, and working with some augmented reality.

While working as a project manager and a marketing manager, I saw success at expanding sales, market focus, and organizing campaigns. My previous work experience has solidified my communication skills, and I work well with a team or individually.

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We are the USA

The dust is starting to settle from what people seem to agree is one of the most emotional and controversial elections to date. We look at our new president, Donald Trump. People automatically worry that we'll be at war by the end of the week. Others have started...

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Swords are Forged in the Hottest Fires

The blacksmith takes care when choosing his iron. He looks at each bar to determine which would be best. They all hold wonderful possibilities! At last, he settles for one ingot in the back, ready for molding. He stokes the fire and places the metal deep within the...

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A Month Without Netflix Television

I admit. I'm addiction to television shows. Not watching ABC or NBC television. I've refused to allow my schedule revolve around when a show airs. Yet, through the glory of video streaming, I've become addicted. Hours of watching shows like Dr. Who, Chuck, Fringe, and...

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Keep up or step back

In the past I've had the distinct honor of working with some fantastic people. I've learned a lot from them. Each person passing on their knowledge and wisdom. I gleaned much from watching, listening, and learning. Some times, I learned by watching their mistakes and...

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Creative Writing

To build worlds. To groom heroes. To develop villains. Writing is something that’s always been near and dear to my heart.


Digital Marketing

Planning your online marketing plan is not as simple as you’d think. Taking into consideration everything from SEO to social media can be daunting..

Web Strategist

From musicians to colleges to non-profits to million dollar businesses. For nearly twenty years, I’ve had the opportunity to help others grow their web business.

“His direction and logical guidance make work flow easy and productive. He is easy to approach and a pleasure to work with.”

– Matt Simpson Siegel
Freelance Writer, Creative & Technical

“Working with Tadd as the Web and Design Manager was always pleasant. He is skilled in communication, design and project management.”

– Kristy Kieda, MBA
Office Manager & Consultant Sales and Marketing

“... a reliable source for problem solving and honesty. As a boss, he genuinely listens to questions and concerns, and treats his marketing team as intellectual equals. ”

– Katherine Reilly Mitchell
Freelance Writer and Editor

"Tadd not only brought his broad experience to the table, he was able to contribute outside the knowledge base of his normal scope of duties to include suggestions on product positioning and operational impacts."

– Jennie MacAnaspie
Communicty Outreach Coordinator at Wellness Champions Grand Rapids

"He was always wonderful to work with: so helpful, cooperative, and so full of great ideas."

– Janice Bultema
Office Manager for Bible Doctrines to Live By

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